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The Family of Burlys® has been the choice of growers for over 30 years. With Burlys® you get predictable quality and quick finishing perennials representing world class perennial breeder specialists such as Terra Nova, Darwin Perennials, Plant Haven and others. With their summer growing program your perennial program needs are covered year round. Gro’n Sell is your young plant specialist. For almost 40 years they have provided tools, ideas, varieties and predictable quality young plants ensuring your success.

Production Facilities

Programs available on ePlantSource:


  • Form(s): Rooted Cuttings (Summer)
  • 72 and 128 Tray
  • Pack per box: 2 Trays (72 Tray); 3 Trays (128 Tray)
  • Minimum order of 6 Trays (72 Tray); 3 Trays (128 Tray)
  • Available Dates: 06/26/17 - 12/25/17
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  • Form(s): Vernalized
  • 32, 72 and 128 Tray
  • Pack per box: 2 Trays (32 and 72 Tray); 3 Trays (128 Tray)
  • Minimum order of 6 Trays (32 and 72 Tray); 3 Trays (128 Tray)
  • Available Dates: 01/02/18 - 05/28/18
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Program Details

Additional Charges:

  • Master Carton - $105.00 per insulated carton. Master Carton can hold 32, 48, or 64 flats depending on the plug size.
  • Big Burly®, Burly® Jr., Baby Burly®– There is a $1.70 per box packing charge.
  • $2.00 boxing charge
  • Winter box - $7.85.
  • For pallet shipping, please order a minimum of 30 flats.
  • Orders shipped to Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington will be charged $25.00 per order for inspection fee and phytosanitary certificate when applicable.
  • Below minimum fee of $20.00.


  • Tags must be requested at the time the order is placed.
  • Large size picture tags are available for each variety.
  • Tags will be shipped to you directly from MasterTag and may arrive 1-2 weeks prior to your plants.
  • Tags are billed at $0.12 per tag ($7.70 per flat).
  • Tag freight is included in tag price.
  • No tags available for 128 trays and ornamental grasses.


  • FOB Chalfont, PA.
  • All orders are shipped FedEx (air, ground, LTL) or UPS (3 day Select, ground, LTL) or grower truck where available. Indicate your preference.
  • We will ship the best way, weather permitting.
  • All shipping costs are added to invoice, passing our volume discount on to you.
  • If your receiving address is different from your mailing address, your correct street address and phone number are required.
  • Minimum order for pallet shipping is 36 trays.


  • All orders are subject to availability of seed or cuttings. Occassionally we will substitute with a comparable variety. If this is not acceptable to you, please specify.

Product Claims:

  • For consideration of claims for shortages or material quality, requests must be made within 5 days after delivery.

Shipping Claims:

  • Any risk associated with the shipment of live plants is the customer’s responsibility.
  • We accept no liability for damage or delays after delivery to the carrier, but we will assist you to secure necessary adjustments if the following steps are taken:
    1. Do Not Refuse the shipment.
    2. Inspect the shipment in the carrier’s presence. Note all damages on the shipping papers, and have the carrier’s agent sign the papers.
    3. Take a photograph of the damages. You can email the photo(s) to: email@gro-n-sell.com.
    4. Save cartons, packing material and product.
    5. Notify your broker or our office within 48 hours.
  • Gro'n Sell accepts no returns.


  • Cancelations on all custom or contract orders must be made at least two weeks prior to seeding and three weeks prior to sticking of cuttings or sticking of tissue culture material.
  • After seeding or sticking of urc’s, t/c material customer /distributor must assume 100% of the price. Refusal of shipment does not constitute a release from purchase

Special Orders:

  • If you are looking for a variety or size not listed, please ask for a quote.
  • To consider filling seed special orders we will require: 1. a minimum of 9 flats of 1-1/8" per variety per shipment and 2. additional time to secure seed.
  • To consider filling vegetative and tissue culture special orders we will require: 1. a minimum of 10 flats of 32, 72 per shipment and 2. additional time to secure cuttings.

At-Once Orders:

  • Cut-off date is 14 days prior to ship date for at-once orders.

Volume Levels (vernalized only):

  • Volume 1: 0-249 Trays
  • Volume 2: 250-599 Trays
  • Volume 3: 600-999 Trays
  • Volume 4: 1,000-1,999 Trays
  • Volume 5: 2,000-2,999 Trays
  • Volume 6: 3,000-3,999 Trays
  • Volume 7: 4,000+ Trays
  • No volume discount on non-vernalized products. Those quantities will be applied to determine your overall volume level.

Contact Information

Gro'n Sell
320 Lower State Road
Chalfont, PA 18914
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