Skagit Gardens

Located in the maritime area of Skagit Valley, Washington approximately 70 miles north of Seattle, Skagit Gardens has been in business since 1967. With over 15 acres of covered growing area and 20 acres of outdoor growing area, Skagit has nearly 50 years of experience growing annuals, perennials, vegetable starts and fall color. In the 90’s they added liner production to their repertoire and have become a premier supplier of perennial liners in North America. They are cold enough to vernalize their perennials and yet mild enough to overwinter many plants outside.

Skagit Gardens

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  • Form(s): Rooted Cuttings
  • 32, 72, 105, 128 and 144 Trays
  • Pack per box: 4 Trays(32), 6 Trays (72, 105, 128 and 144)
  • Minimum order of 1 box
  • Available Dates: 07/03/17 - 06/30/18
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  • Form(s): Rooted Cuttings
  • 21, 32, 50, 72, 72QC, and 128 Trays
  • Pack per box: 4 Trays(21, 32, and 50 Trays), 6 Trays(72, 72QC, and 128 Trays)
  • Minimum order of 1 box
  • Available Dates: 07/03/16 - 06/30/18
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Skagit Gardens
Skagit Gardens

Program Details

Additional Charges:

  • $50.00 phyto fee for all Canadian shipments and certain U.S. shipments when applicable.


  • Tags are available for most items and must be requested with your order.
  • Sold in multiples matching the tray billing count.
  • Tags ship with the plants.
  • $0.06 per tag


  • FedEx, Truck, Air


  • Freight claims must be made with the carrier.
  • Inspect boxes and plants in the presence of a representative of the carrier and make a notation on the bill of lading.
  • Claims for quality or shortage must be made within one week of receipt of order. Provide photos with claim.


  • Cancellations are not accepted one week prior to production.
  • All cancelled orders are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Contact Information

Skagit Gardens
3100 Old Highway 99 South
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
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